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Jon Delaney is a prolific singer/songwriter based in Northampton, and has performed and recorded a diverse catalogue of original songs with bands ranging from 80's Synth/orch pop band Cardinal (UK), acoustic folk pop duo Cloudy , 90‘s Synthesiser pop duo IDST, Indie Powerpop band The No Time Wasters, Funky folk quartet Kismet Hardy to his current main activity as singer/songwriter/guitarist with  the Indie Folk Rock Powerpop band The Rogue State Circus.  


Influenced by classic songwriting, 60’s Pop and artists such as the Beatles, XTC,  Bacharach and David, The Kinks, Squeeze, Blur, Prefab Sprout and Richard Thompson;  Jon’s preference is for strong, well structured melodic songs with interesting quirky chord changes and lyrics.  Much of his lyric writing is based around relationships, and the pull between opposites, love and loss, faith and reason, science and nature.  A notable childhood fascination with space and astronomy is revealed through the choice of imagery on many of the songs on the Rogue State Circus’s first album Songs from the Sea of Serenity e.g. “The Angels and The Astronauts”, “Girl In The Moon” and “Everything Under The Sun”.     Whatever the subject,  there always seems to be great resonance between the universal and the personal, the big stuff and the small details.  His Songwriting cuts across genres,  yet has a distinctive stamp all of its own. 


“Rarely a day goes by when I don’t write a new song or several.  Songwriter: - it’s not something you do, it’s something you are. Couldn’t stop if you wanted to. Ideas and inspiration come at the most inopportune times so notebook and pen or mini recorder are your best friends. If you don’t catch the songs when they arrive you might lose them....”    " Songwriter first, singer and performing musician second - but don't get me wrong - I love live performance"


“When I write a song, I think it’s very much like a play or film.  I may write the script, and offer direction - but it always requires performance by skilled and committed musicians to bring it to life. I’ve been extremely fortunate indeed with my bandmates in The Rogue State Circus - it is their distinctive voices that have truly allowed my songs to sing....”

Jon Delaney is recording new material with The Rogue State Circus for their third LP for 2020 release as well as working in an acoustic folk pop duo project "Wildflower Rogue" with vocalist Karen Angela




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